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Crane & Hoist Duty Ratings

Each Crane & Hoist has a specific duty cycle rating. This rating specifies the amount of work a crane or hoist can perform in a given hour. When choosing a crane or hoist you should pick a rating that meets or exceeds your operational needs. If you are not using the right crane or hoist for the given application you run the risk or premature breakdown, wear, or voiding your warranty. All of these possibilities cost you more money in the longrun, not to mention the cost of downtime. Also keep in mind that many of these ratings only specify running at 65% capacity or less. Please contact us if you have any question as to which rating you might possibly need.

Hoist Uniformly Distant Work Periods Infrequent Work Periods
Duty Rating Max On Time Max No. Starts Max From Cold Max Starts
H1 7.5min/hr 75/hr 15min 100
H2 7.5min/hr 75/hr 15min 100
H3 15min/hr 150/hr 30min 200
H4 30min/hr 300/hr 30min 300
H5 60min/hr 100% 600/hr N/A N/A

CMAA Crane Duty Classifications
Duty Class Description Further Info.
Class A Standby/Infrequent ex: Maintenance Cranes
Class B Light Service ex: Light Assembly
Class C Moderate Service ex: 5-10 loads/hr at 50% Capacity
Class D Heavy Service ex: Heavy Mahcine Shops
Class E Severe Service ex: 20 or More Lifts/hr near Capacity
Class F Continuous Severe Service ex: Continuous Near Capacity, Most Reliable


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